Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My first challenge!

It seems I've stumbled upon my first reading challenge and it's of no surprise that it pertains to Harry Potter :)

My love for Harry Potter knows no bounds. I'm not joking, not even a little bit. Last month a friend and I planned our entire vacation to the UK around Harry Potter -- we camped out for 14 hours at the premiere (which included way too much rain and hail for my liking) and proceeded to visit every HP site we could find in London and Edinburgh.

Since the trip, I have actually been attempting to refrain from re-reading the series. Why would I do such an absurd thing, you ask? Because when I re-read HP (and it's usually all 7 in a row) I feel like I'm neglecting the other books on my shelf that have yet to be read.

Yes, I'm well aware that I might be a tad crazy. It's OK though, I embrace it!

Michelle from Galley Smith is hosting the Harry Potter Reading Challenge which has thankfully given me an excuse to succumb to my need to re-read the Harry Potter books! Here is the basic info for the challenge:

When: August 1, 2009 - July 31, 2010

What: Read (or listen to) all 7 books in the Harry Potter series
  1. Philosopher's Stone
  2. Chamber of Secrets
  3. Prisoner of Azkaban
  4. Goblet of Fire
  5. Order of the Phoenix
  6. Half-Blood Prince
  7. Deathly Hallows


  1. I was worried that my review of the first book in the series was too excitable! I'm so glad I joined the Harry Potter Challenge! It's all very exciting :)I'll check back on your blog for Harry Potter postings.

  2. Mandy - I don't think there can be anything that qualifies as "too excitable" when it comes to Harry Potter. I feel like it's on an entirely different level than everything else. Although, perhaps I'm biased as I have a slight tendency to go a little overboard with all things HP ;)

    I loved your review!! I'm looking forward to reading the next one you write for Chamber of Secrets.

  3. I live in Orlando, Fl and Islands of Adventure (a Universal Studios park) is building a whole Harry Potter section... they have it sectioned off but last time were were there we walked by "Hogwarts", haha!!

  4. Jenny - I heard about that! That's amazing that you're so close to it :) The only thing remotely related near me is that they are hosting the Harry Potter Exhibition in Boston starting in October. Not quite the same, but I'll take what I can get haha

  5. Wow! You are a dedicated fan! I'm reading them for the first time, but I'm loving them so far!

  6. Amy - I appreciate the word "dedicated." :) My family is fond of the word "obsessed" haha I think I prefer your word instead!

    That's exciting that you're reading them for the first time! I hope you are enjoying them!!