Thursday, August 20, 2009

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is a weekly event hosted by Jenny at TakeMeAway where we recognize those older older book you've always wanted to read, or one that you have read and love; maybe one from your childhood; or review an older book -- how about even a classic!

This week's throwback is:

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary

Description from From the first day of third grade, when Ramona Quimby meets her eventual nemesis Yard Ape, life moves on at its usual wild pace--usual for the boisterous Ramona, that is. Soon she is accidentally squashing a raw egg into her hair at the school cafeteria, being forced to play Uncle Rat with her annoying young neighbor, and, worst of all, throwing up in her classroom. The responsibilities of an 8-year-old are sometimes daunting, especially in a family that is trying to squeak by while the father goes back to school. But Ramona is full of too much vim and vigor to ever be down for long.

I remember devouring through the Ramona Quimby books early on when I was in elementary school. The adventures and crazy predicaments that Ramona always managed to find herself in were incredibly entertaining. I definitely identified with aspects of Ramona and lived vicariously through her hijiinks on those rainy days when I stayed inside to read. It is certainly a book series that I hope my kids (when I have them) will enjoy just as much as I did. Plus, while I was typing up this post I was googling about the book and realized that they are making a movie! Ramona and Beezus. It's not set to be released until 2010, but it will be interesting to see one of my favorite children's books on the big screen.


  1. I loved Ramona! I was thinking of using this too as a throwback one day.

    I'm not sure how I feel about them making the movie though. Sometimes I feel like too many good "classic" books are made into movies and then I am never able to see them as anything other than in the movie again.

  2. aww it looks cute! i still read kids books. I love frog and toad lol :D

  3. Jenny - I hear you about the movie thing. More often than not I think I tend to be disappointed with movie adaptations of books because, inevitably, things are left out. Seeing a book turned into a movie is an entirely different experience for me than reading it and I try to look at the movie as a separate entity on its own -- but that is easier said than done lol.

    There are always exceptions though, I'm crossing my fingers that this will be one of them!

    Faye - Oh my, I LOVED Frog and Toad! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who still reads kids books! When I used to work at a bookstore I loved shelving in the kids section because I'd stumble upon all these books I had forgotten about.